March 31, 2010

Now Featuring Loose Leaf Tea for Sale!

These new teas are fabulous, great quality, fragrant, organic and fair trade. We were so excited to get these new teas in and make some great changes in the store! Come check us out!

Listed below are some of our favorite flavors.

-Tropical Coconut pouchoug

-Royal White Melon

-Sugar Caramel Oolong

-Intensly Vanilla

-Exquisite Glazed Pear

Hope to see you soon!

March 09, 2010

We are back to being open on Tuesdays!!!

We have been closed on Tuesdays and now will be open once again. So for any of you that were confused when showing up on Tuesdays and finding no one here we are OPEN. Thanks for your patience. Today if you stop by you can have 5.00 off anything over 20.00 just for a thankyou for stopping by. Thanks for being great customers! ~Kathy

Open Tuesdays

March 06, 2010

New things added daily

The sunshine has gotten us thinking Spring. I am so excited at the thought of flowers springing up . Somehow after a dreary wet winter it is the ultimate surprise to see little flowers coming up that you have forgotten. We are planning a Spring open house and special sale at Colbycottage. It will be April 16 & 17. Hopefully there will be lots of flowers weather permitting. We are gathering garden items in anticipation. The backyard will be opening as soon as it is warm enough to be out there. We will be hosting showers. parties and special gatherings this spring and summer so think ahead and make reservations. In the mean time enjoy the sunny days and stop by the store when you have a chance.