January 22, 2012

Some "lovely" new items for sale

We are continuing to bring in items this week. We have added some new furniture items this weekend, more Valentine goodies and several other antique finds. A new supply of french soaps should also be in this week. If there is anything you are looking for , please feel free to leave a comment and we will see if we have one. Have a great week and stay dry!

January 14, 2012

Lots of new things today as promised

                                            linen hearts

                                         heart pillows

                                      lovely old books
Well our area is filling up again at the "barn" at Glory Days Antiques.
         After Christmas it was getting a bit empty looking but we have brought in loads of new items, or rather, old items and it is getting all filled up once again.
     Just a few quick pictures of Valentine items

January 12, 2012

The New Year brings lots of changes

       We have cleared out all the Christmas from the "Barn" at Glory Days and at Coburg Antiques. We had a wonderful Christmas season, but now look forward to the new year.  We are bringing in lots of new items and will soon be filling the areas with Valentines decor. The salvage area is now in the back area of the barn,and we will be filling it with doors, windows and various other materials. Please stop by and see the new look. Remember there is an awesome deli at Glory Days, so if you are coming with friends, relax and have lunch. Happy New Years !