June 23, 2012

Fresh and new

       Just brought in some fun Fourth of July items, My friend auntie Emm, just brought over a new batch of knit headbands and hats for Fourth or July. They are adorable. There are also little hats and headbands for children's gifts for that one-of-a-kind sweet gift. She does an awesome job. 

Happy weekend!

June 20, 2012

Red White and Blue

     We have brought many new items into the "Barn" area at Glory Days.  If you haven't stopped by recently, make sure and stop by and find some decor for the 4th of July weekend. There are lots of flags, and various red,white and blue outdoor items and several new vintage cupboards

June 11, 2012

Such a busy time of year

   Its been a while since Ive posted on the blog but life around here has been full. Last week we had end of the school year special concerts our kids were involved in, a new grand baby born and our 18 year old daughter Grace, graduate from high school all in one week. We also hosted a graduation party in our backyard which meant a cleanup day, complete with bark mulch ,planting flowers and the works.
 Our newest grand baby born June 5th
Gracie our Graduate
Emma Playing Clarinet in the Symphonic band
A diploma Yeah!!
Yes were Proud
Marv bringing new furniture

   Tomorrow we are back to bringing in lots of new furniture items to the  "Barn" to replace pieces that have sold. Its time to get patriotic and decorate a bit for the forth. If you need some red white and blue, come on down to Glory Days and you will find lots to choose from.