August 04, 2012

Lots of great changes

     There are all kinds of changes going on at Glory Days. First of all there is air-conditioning. So if you need a break from the heat, its newly installed throughout the store.
     We also have some new venders that are moving in and its always fun to see all the new items arriving.
      We in the "Barn" area are working like crazy to prepare a new enlarged salvage area. We realize there is very little available in this area, so we have taken on a little more space so we can bring in a huge amount of salvage. With the onset of Pinterest , there is much interest in all these wonderful old doors, windows, architectural pcs. We don't have it set up yet but it will be happening very soon. We are making space and preparing the area.
   The store has had a "lemon & leftover sale" this weekend and there are still lots of great deals to load up on tomorrow.
 How about a sturdy large farm table ?
   A new display case with lots of  antique pharmaceuticals
 The "Barn" area  at Glory Days
  This collage  is a sampling of what you may find in some of the other awesome venders areas

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