November 16, 2012

Its beginning to look alot like Christmas ( At least at our house )

    Our open house at Glory Days Antiques went fabulously and we are continuing to restock daily. This was a great kick off to the Christmas season.

    Next up is the Monticello Christmas Show //  show the week after Thanksgiving. We are crazily working to get things completely restocked before the sale. This is a wonderful sale and if you haven't been to the Monticello, you are really missing out. It is such a fun store with lots of magazine quality inspiration. Hope to see you there!


June said...

It's good to see some lovely Christmas decor going on over here! I'm also happy to here that things are moving fast and it will be fun to see what you get to replace things. How I wish I lived closer!
Have a wonderful T-Day with your family!!!

aluminum railings vancouver said...

Wished I have been here to enjoy seeing your decors in person. Such a nice way to beautify house interiors.