September 04, 2009

A Family Affair

Wow this has been a busy week!

Fortunately, we are supported by a lot of love and family.

Our new cottage has been cleared out and we have been able to paint and touch up each of the rooms.

The work force has been diligently attending to business.

Here's Marv doing great work.

Fortunately, he is highly skilled at making things look beautiful.

Oh yes, and Miss Gracie and her assistant are also attending to some important painting details.

Not to be out done, Aaron is adding his talents to the project.

If it weren't for all of the additional help this project would be far more work and much less rewarding!

We continue getting in more new and old merchandise.

Things are starting to come together and it is so exciting.

We are looking forward to opening our doors and showing you everything we've been working on.


Anonymous said...

Hello Kathy, I am so excited for you,marv,and your family. on your new store I cannot waite I will be there the first thing friday to give you a HUG. I think about you so much I have always had such a special love for you every since the first time Italked to you and you shared about you mother being heart has went out to you so much with many Prayers. GOD BLESS YOU on your new store it will be wonderful and GREAT sucess with many BLESSINGS. you will be in my thoughts and prayers. see you soon. Love Charlotte

The Green Pea said...

So nice to have family and friends helping out. Blessings, sandi