September 23, 2009

Do You Hear the Rustling Leaves?

Now I realize that autumn actually started yesterday at two something pm but today is the first full day of fall. Don't you just love it? It's one of my four favorite seasons.

We are continuing to add wonderful things to the store so if you've already been here, you need to know that "new" items are already finding themselves on display. Perhaps it would be a good idea to make another trip down here to see if we've aquired something else that would look great somewhere in one of your displays. Look at this great restaurant-ware.

You want to know something? These are some of the best candles that you can buy anywhere. Very sensual and exclusive.

What an ideal romantic addition to add to that special ambiance.

Did you see this great button collection? I love the muted colors! Were you looking for something else? I sure love this frame. What do you think?

Before we part ways this evening, I want to remind you of the tea side of this enterprise. There are always going to be specially created treats for you to enjoy. Look at the smiles on these faces.

This could be you !


Heidi said...

Hello thank you so much for stopping by this evening. I love your blog, your cottage is divine. I love tea parties, looks like you ladies had a marvelous time. I love the first picture of the jar with all the little treats in it, and the cut little scooper
:0) Great post, my parents took a trip to Oregon they love it there, it was a wonderful time for them. I hope you have a wonderful week.


Ps Your restaurant-ware is so delightful also.

marie said...

The tubes full of buttons are wonderful! I need them. I wish you did mail order!!

texasdaisey said...

Oh what fun!

Karen said...

The candles, what kind are they? I love candles, too. Mmmm, that cake looks great and I just love the pink cups!

Barb said...


Everything looks wonderful!!

Love the idea of the menu right here where we can check it out.

All your new gatherings are lovely.

I enjoyed our visit tonight, and you will all be in our hearts and prayers as you move forward through this wonderful adventure..

Can't wait to bring the girls in.

See you soon.

Many hugs and blessings


marie said...

You mention in a recent post that you'll ship items. I'm interested in the button tubes. Do you have any left? Your rose hips wreaths are incredible.