October 27, 2009

Overwelming response to the wreaths!

Thank you for the kind comments in response to our car wreck. Its another week and we are all getting back to normal. The injured young man is still in the hospital and we are there for him if he needs us. Our Rosehip weekend has been great and we have had many calls from all over in response to the wreaths. For those of you wondering if we will ship them ~Yes we will!!! We have looked into the shipping and have sent off some already. You may contact the store either by E-mail or by phone. The store # Is 541-688-3900. The shipping amount varies of course as to where you are located but it is somewhere between 10-13.00 $. The price of the wreaths are 32.00. Thanks and if there is any thing else you wonder about in the pictures we post we will ship. Thanks Kathy

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Barb said...

So glad your rose hip weened went so well. No surprise to me!! =0))