October 24, 2009

We have Great customers!!

A big thankyou to all the wonderful customers that joined us this weekend for our rosehip event. We had a busy and bustling time around the store.We were blessed with some fabulous helpers that that did a great job helping customers. I barely left the kitchen as several groups gathered for tea. We ended the day with a Tea party for 18 beautiful little girls.How fun is that!Thanks to all that came out to visit!!

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Barb said...

Isabel told me about the tea birthday party.
What a fun event for all those sweet little girls. She had a wonderful time!!
And, what a handful for you and the others serving them!
I know you must be tired.

When i zipped in this morning you were busy serving lunch to several ladies i saw sitting here and there.

I left 2 hugs for you. Hope you got them OK. =0))
blessings and prayers,